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Jake Forgotten is written and directed by Kanen Flowers.

Set in 1990, in New York, Jake Forgotten is the story of one man who finds himself in a world of mobsters, drugs and betrayal. Jake must navigate through this new world, while trying to maintain his character and his morality.

The Story So Far...

Since I was a kid, I always loved movies. I watched everything I could in the 80s, while growing up, and I told myself -- like many of you probably did -- "Someday, I will make my own movie."

I've worked on some great films, but I always wanted to make my own. Something personal and something I wrote and directed myself, just like Robert Rodriguez, Martin Scorsese or Richard Linklater - a few of my filmmaker idols.

In 2006, I wrote a screenplay called JAKE FORGOTTEN, based on a book of the same name

I worked tirelessly for months, casting the film, rewriting the script, working with crew members (and finding crew and locations). I held rehearsals and finally started shooting.

In 2007, we shot the film, in Kansas City, over the course of several weeks.

We screened an assembly of the film at the Tivoli theater, in Kansas City, MO and we were sold out. Since then, with many comments from friends, fans and people we know (in Hollywood and the film industry), we started putting together the final version.

Almost a hundred people worked on this film. We had a large crew, many actors, tons of extras, three JVC HD cameras, lights, trucks, the works. The budget was around $65k (almost all of it out of my own pocket), not including many favors or the free post production work we've done for the last several years.

Check out the GALLERY (at the top of this page) for actual photos from the casting, rehearsal, shoot and the screening. Be sure to find my beard, after a year of solid work on the film.

Maybe I should have shaved for the screening...

A little about me

I have worked on films and have freelanced in the "industry" for years. I have an IMDB Resume and I am the host of a popular post production and filmmaking podcast (That Post Show). I've been on The VFX Show and many other podcasts. I've taught filmmaking, visual effects, indie film and editing (Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer). I've also done a few things in technology and see filmmaking (today) as the perfect blend between art and technology.

Cast and Crew

We were lucky enough to find a great crew and cast really great actors, many of whom have gone on to shows like CSI and Glee, while we were in Post Production with this film.