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Writer & Director

Kanen Flowers is the creator of Jake Forgotten and is the host of That Post Show and Scruffy Thinking (podcasts).

He is the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten.

His Post Production company, Scruffy.TV, provided all editing, special effects and sound design for the feature film.

A four year process and under a million dollar budget have created Jake Forgotten.

The Cast

Character Played By
Jake John Patrick Matthews
Rick Doug Kisgen
Agent Crow Daniel Barnett
Mario Vincent Monachino
Becky Kristen French
Chris Liam Owen
Nate Nick Grosvenor
Mindy Allison Ciafullo
André George Forbes
Bouncer Joseph Pearson


Also Starring

Ray Ettinger, Jennifer Nitzband, David Stephens, Christopher Downs, Tom Sawyer, Kaitlyn Sohl, Kelli Hahn, Jeffrey Fellin, Evan Absher, Doogin Brown, and Nick Pruitt as "The DJ"

The Crew

Assistant Director

Brandon Lohstretor

Director of Photography

Stewart Redwine

Camera Crew

Trevor Hawkins (Steadicam Operator)

Adam Witt

Mark Yeazel

Production Team

Production Manager Laura Heimbach
Screen Story by Mark Theoharis
Location Sound Chris Minshall
Key Grip Tony Ontiveros
Makeup & Effects Gina Boyce
Lead Production Assistant Nancy Platt
Production Assistant Sonya Haddad
Production Assistant Caity Deauboin


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